Esther Lopez
Yapp Head of Growth & Customer Success

I support customers with setting up their Yapp mobile apps for internal communication, team training, virtual events, and more with our user-friendly mobile app development platform. From providing hands-on support to creating content, educational resources, and training webinars, my role is to ensure that customers are able to successfully build their apps the way they envision.

See how to create a residency mobile app, plus helpful tools

Build an app for residents & staff

Learn creative ideas for using Yapp for rotation schedules, student profiles & more.

We recently hosted a special webinar to help you learn how to build a mobile app for your medical residency program. From rotation schedules to learning resources, interview day info, and resident profiles, we'll show you creative ways to build a residency mobile app.

In this training webinar you'll learn:

  • creative ways of using mobile apps for residency programs
  • how to incorporate your application process, curriculum, program requirements, and other resources like stipends and benefits
  • tips for resources to share plus tools for virtual learning, white boarding, screen-casting, and resident engagement

Missed this webinar? Access it here.